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While it's already possible to get your hands on a used hybrid pickup, it now appears that it won't be easy - at least not until the latter half of 2008.  GM introduced two hybrid pickup trucks back in 2004; the Hybrid Chevy Silverado and the Hybrid Chevrolet Sierra.  Unfortunately, these hybrid trucks were much different than many of the true hybrid vehicles we see on the road today.  In fact, these hybrid pick-ups only improved their fuel economy by about 10%, getting a mere 2 MPG better than their non-hybrid counterparts.

In 2007, GM quit building these two hybrid pickup models due in part to little buzz and slow sales figures.  Overall, it's estimated that only 2500 to 3500 of these pickups ever sold to the public.  The really exciting news is that GM plans to roll out a new line of hybrid pickups in 2008, most likely later in the year.  Assuming these will again be green versions of the Silverado and Sierra, you can bet that as "real hybrid pickups", with 25% or greater gas mileage - the demand will be much greater.  If you're looking for a used hybrid pickup for sale, a year from now your wait should be over. Until then custom sport trucks might be your best alternative depending on what you are able to do with converting yours to another fuel source.
Chevy Silverado Hybrid Pickup

It's uncertain whether or not other manufacturers will beat GM to market by offering their version of a hybrid pickup before Q4, 2008.  Honda plans to introduce a hybrid Ridgeline, but likely not until 2009...and possibly not in a V8 version until 2010 or 2011.  In 2005, Toyota showed off their FTX full-size hybrid pickup "concept vehicle - but there has not been much news since then.  Regardless of whether it's '08 or '09, one thing is for certain.  The market for hybrid pickups is going to be big, really big.  Pickups already account for more than 1/3 of all vehicles sold in the U.S.  Once they start rolling off the showroom floor, used hybrid pickups will be even hotter.  It will be interesting to see which companies are poised to handle the demand for these more eco-friendly trucks.  Hybrid trucks will rock!

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